Monday, November 10, 2003

Updates and So On

The Fun Facts page has been updated; I now have 35 facts...only 15 more to go.

I will write my ghost story that I've been teasing since Halloween as soon as I get a spare hour or so, and I'll finish my CD reviews from last weekend's windfall as soon as I actually finish listening to all the CD's. I've gotten distracted in my car-listening by all that "inspiring" music I talked about yesterday. (Don't forget to comment on it if you're a musician...)

STARBUCKS SILLINESS: Some Starbucks outlets now ask for your name when you place an order, which leads to exchanges like this:

STARBUCKS DUDE: "Can I get a name for that cup?"
ME: "Well, my name is Kevin, but you can call the cup whatever you want." ;-)

PLAYING IN THE KEVMOBILE TODAY: Michael Brecker, Wide Angles. The more I hear this, the more awesome it gets. I hope the "Quindectet" makes it to Dallas soon...

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