Saturday, November 08, 2003

Not-So-Urban Cowboys?

Fizban told me an interesting thing he'd heard on the radio yesterday morning: Rowlett has tossed its hat into the ring to lure the new Cowboys stadium. Today it was in the paper too.

This will never actually happen, of course...despite the vast expanses of undeveloped land, easy access from the impending extension of the George Bush Turnpike, and a picturesque view of Lake Ray Hubbard. The big dogs in this hunt are Dallas and Irving, end of story. (Perhaps the most telling phrase in the article came from Cowboys officials who said they listened to the city's pitch "as a courtesy." Ouch.) But then, David did beat Goliath once upon a time, so who knows?

Yet it would be interesting if it actually happened. Imagine all those high-dollar players moving to Waterview, shopping in our local grocery stores, having dinner at Puerto Escondido Dos Charros, throwing strikes at the Rowlett Bowl-A-Rama. Oh, and populating our schools with their kids (dang, I could teach some of them the saxophone! I'd hafta make sure and do some "house call" lessons during the summer, heh heh).

So would having America's Team in the suburb next door increase my friends' and my personal attendance at games? Probably not that much. After all, most of us can't really afford to, as Dingus Fizban said, "have Jerry Jones rape our pocketbook on a regular basis." But still, it would be cool to have something like that nearby...

QUOTE OF THE (YESTER)DAY: "But don't they already have enough cowboys in Rowlett?"--the band director at Lakeview, when told of the Rowlett/Cowboys story.

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