Sunday, November 02, 2003

Entertaining Spam

OK, I hate spam as much as the next guy, but at least this one I got yesterday was fairly amusing. (And no, I don't usually read my spam; this one is one of the rare ones that makes it into my inbox, and something jumped out at me.) Anyway, it had some random HTML commands that I won't reproduce here for obvious reasons, and then this is what it said:

capture elope anorexia washboard restroom comparative earthmoving contraption ale cormorant barney feudatory springtime bennington erotica love walter congenial byline antipodes chickweed saigon

Then it had their little ad about a cable TV descrambler, artfully hidden between some more imaginary HTML commands, and after that it said:

automatic normative prosopopoeia gable suffragette sushi mincemeat saccade archaism gummy operatic ssw surgical avert sussex coincident implausible ascomycetes descant interrogatory parallelogram trough molybdenite compound xylene consult oregon stalk carryover aug

I'm not sure if these lines were produced by a random text generator or if someone was on drugs, but it was at least funnier than the usual "See Britney Spears Naked" or "Generic Viagra Online."

Your assignment, then, is to make a paragraph using one of these random word strings. Bonus points for anyone who can successfully rhyme "prosopopoeia" with something.

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