Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Mystery Solved...

If you read the comments to yesterday's post, you'll notice that a mystery was brewing; I knew that there was some occasion where somebody forgot to feed my cat Tasha when I was away. I had thought it was Fizban, but yesterday's birthday boy reminded me that the only unsuccessful feeding attempt on his resume was the time when his house key didn't work. I then figured it had to be Zack, who was the primary cat-feeder before Fizban came on board...but Zack denied it as well. After quite a bit of back-and-forth on the comments page, it finally hit me this afternoon: it was Zack! Here's my proof: Hiding behind my stereo in the living room is a dry-erase board that hasn't really been used since Renegade Improv in the spring of '02. Over top of a couple of chord progressions is written this message from Zack:

WELL, I ACTUALLY REMEMBERED TO FEED TASH! However, I absconded a few ounces of your sierra mist. :-D -Z

(Lacking any note paper or Post-It Notes, he left the entire dry erase board on my kitchen table for when I got back. Needless to say, I saw it.)

So if he "actually remembered" to feed her, that means he had forgotten at least once in the past. I knew I wasn't crazy. And Fizban, sorry I thought it was you. I guess I got swept up in Dingus's ball of stupid yesterday.

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