Friday, November 07, 2003


I had a short break between students today since several were out sick (inject a little cold air into Texas and some people's immunity just goes haywire, I guess) and came home to the email I'd been waiting for all week: the All-State Jazz results.

So now it can be told--Lee's in. That gives him a great trifecta: Band two years ago, orchestra last year, jazz band this year. Jazz band was the one he really wanted to make, though, especially this year. All he lacks for a clean sweep is choir, and he probably could have done that this year too. What a talent.

He's the only one from the Kev World who made it; Matt B. came next-closest, missing it by eight people. (Collin from Jazz Camp, who could be considered at least a peripheral part of the Kev World, made it as well.) It's just too bad we'll never know why some people didn't make it and others did. The only thing lacking in this process is feedback; it'd be great to see how the individual judges voted or even get comments from everyone (I do this when I judge, to add to the educational aspect). But at any rate, now we know, and we can get on to other things; I had a whole lot of people--even some I barely know--accosting me this week: "Didja get an email? Didja?"

So nice job, Lee. Glad I could help a tiny bit. San Antonio will be fun this year (provided I get a non-smoking room, and you and Micah and I don't buy way too many CD's again, heh heh).

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