Tuesday, November 18, 2003


Happy Birthday to Lee (a.k.a. Fizban, Demon Lee, Gimplee, Leebo the Hobbit, etc.)--amazing musician, fun guy (fungi??), wise beyond his years, great friend who's done more for me than he'll ever know....yet, lest you think this is redlining on the Sap-O-Meter, I could add that he can also be a complete dingus on occasion ("the dingus that even the other dingii make fun of"), occasionally forgetful (he didn't actually forget to feed the cat like I'd originally thought--see next post--but I did at miss at least one really cool movie because he forgot to call me when "summoning the troops"), and of course there's that whole Friend Zone thing. (You may notice, however, that, unlike the Matts and the Dingii, I haven't been skewering him about the FZ...that's because I own a condo out there myself *sigh* and he's renting it at the moment...so I understand more than most. He has high standards and sticks to them, yet I know his search for the elusive Her won't take as long as mine is taking.)

The gang already celebrated (with a burrito, of course) last Thursday after Combo PM, and the Famous Round Table at Chipotle is where the whole "walls of the friend zone will fall" thing started. Tonight, he'll race off after big band to celebrate with his family (fami-Lee?), where he'll likely receive a much lower quality of abuse.

So have a great day bro...your CD is on the way, once I remember to order it (d'oh).

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