Saturday, November 15, 2003

Big Easy x3

I went to the UNT football game this afternoon, and once again, it was a lot of fun. The team won big, 58-14 over Arkansas State, earning them a third straight conference championship and a return trip to the New Orleans Bowl next month. Once again, Fouts Field was a loud and rowdy place; there weren't quite as many people there as there had been on Homecoming, but it was still a lot more full than when I was in school.

There weren't as many Sinfonia brothers there today, as they had an activity that went way late last night, but those of us who were there got to serenade the Dance Team during the second half (that probably would have never happened when I was in school...the Dance Team even talking to musicians probably wouldn't have even happened back then). I had to leave before the game was over because I had a concert to go to in Dallas (see next post), so I missed the goal posts being torn down and other general mayhem. On the radio, the guy who was issuing the bowl bid messed up and called it the "North Texas Bowl"...but that's sort of appropriate, considering UNT's been a part of both previous games and the one to come.

And I think I've made a decision: I'm going to the bowl. I'll of course update on this site.

GORDON GOODWIN'S BIG PHAT MARCHING BAND? The Green Brigade marched to "Sing Sang Sung" for the halftime show today. The tune adapted to the football field better than I thought it would, but there was that pesky over-tonguing thing in the clarinets, and the tempo was sloooow compared to the original (as one of the drum majors told me, you can only march so fast...true). Still, they did a fine job; I wonder if that's on the menu for New Orleans also.

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