Monday, November 17, 2003

The Pot Calling the Kettle a Dingus?

Today, Dingus has a post where he complains about a "ball of stupid" rolling downhill and gathering all his friends in its path....yet he himself managed to post essentially the same message not just once but twice. Guess you're caught up in the ball too, Dingus. *smirks*
(UPDATE: Dingus fixed this later--claimed his computer was "acting up"--so you can't see his duplicate rant anymore, but it was fun to mess with him when he was so busy messing with others...)

Oh, and good news for all concerned: I managed to snag tickets for the One O'Clock Lab Band concert next week at UNT; it usually sells out well in advance, and it's hard for me to get tickets when I'm not near a secure (i.e. non-cell) phone very often during the day. But I have 'em, so if you talked with me about going, you're in; if you didn't, better hurry and get yours this week, even though it's too late to have the honor of sitting with "Kev, party of six."

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