Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Stupid Sonic Signage, Part Deux

Seen today on the marquee of the same Sonic Drive-In that had a poorly-written message a few weeks ago:


So now they're selling food that's hungry itself? How does that work? And isn't that more than a little inhumane?

Assuming that the famous "coney island" hot dog doesn't possess the ability to be hungry, that leaves us with few other choices. The dictionary defines a coney as either a small, burrowing, harelike mammal or a black-spotted fish with reddish fins. I can't imagine either of those at Sonic, and as a former rabbit owner, I could no more eat rabbit than I could dog or cat (this despite the "Tasha burrito" joke, which I'll explain another time).

It's amazing what a well-placed question mark would have done to that message board...somebody enroll that sign dude in remedial English or something.

1.5 SECONDS OF FAME, continued: Another contribution of mine made it into Dave Barry's Blog over the weekend (and no, "Nerve in my Neck" is not a weird nickname or a medical conditon; everyone who's been sending stuff in for the past couple weeks has been using anagrams of their names).

PLAYING IN THE KEVMOBILE TODAY: The Tubes, Outside Inside. This CD is 20 years old now but still sounds pretty fresh, and you've gotta love a band with a lead singer named "Fee Waybill." You may have heard the hit "She's a Beauty" on the radio, but for my money, the best part of the CD is "Wild Women of Wongo" and "Tip of My Tongue" back-to-back, along with the remake of "The Monkey Time." The L.A. studio horns (Chuck Findley, Jerry Hey, etc.) really wail.

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