Sunday, November 02, 2003

Floor 1, Fizban 0

To top off Halloween night, I went to see the remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre with Fizban, Matt D. and Matt's GF Angie. There were some times when we were laughing pretty hard, like we did during Freddy vs. Jason, but there was also some real gore. More than a few people got up and left the theatre, including Fizban after a particularly intense scene (two words: meat hook). He didn't come back for the whole movie, so we figured he was either still getting sick in the bathroom or he just bailed. Then we got out of the theatre and found him waiting outside, with a swollen lip and slightly bloodied face. Yup, he had an encounter with the floor of the entryway, and the floor won. The weird thing is, he doesn't remember hitting the floor face-first, just being down there for a while and looking up at the ceiling. He was OK by the time we left and was fine the day after, except for a slightly swollen lip. So does this mean I wouldn't recommend Chainsaw for the weak-of-stomach? Maybe...or at least wear some padding (haha).

Fizban did a post about this encounter, in the unusual form of an interview with the character upon whom his online persona is based.

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