Friday, November 14, 2003

Is Sonic Reading My Blog?

Amazing....I drove past the error-prone Sonic sign today and it was somewhat fixed. It now reads:


Still no question mark, but we can almost tell they're not selling hungry food anymore.

So I wonder what caused them to fix it...1) Customer told them; 2) The big bosses came by, recoiled in horror at the grammatical fiasco and caned the sign-changer, Singapore-style; or 3) They're reading my blog! *shudder*

If you are reading it, Sonic, two suggestions: Get that question mark up there to complete the job, and how 'bout I get a "coney and tots" on the house for pointing out the error of your ways?

:ETADPU UPDATE: The backwards entry from the other day got a lot of response, and only a few people got headaches from reading it. *grins impishly* I have another trick up my sleeve for a novelty entry, but I'll save it for a few weeks.

DID HELL JUST FREEZE OVER? Naah, Zack just updated his blog for the first time in two-and-a-half months. Welcome back, Zack (poetry, heh).

"I've never heard that in the whole two years you've teached me."

"I wish I brang my glasses today."

--Actual quotes from middle-school students in lessons this week. They both attend the same school, which makes me think that the English teachers there are really "learning them to talk good." (Actually, I'm sure the teachers are doing a fine job, but I wonder what grades these kids are making in their classes...)

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