Thursday, November 20, 2003

Shameless Plugs

Plug #1: The newest catalog from Despair, Inc. is here. If you're not on the mailing list (or their email equivalent, "The Wailing List"), go to the site and check out the new stuff. Both the new 2004 calendar (with 12 new designs) and the "classic" 2004 calendar (with the original 12 designs from their first year) are available, as are a lot of other cool things. It's a great way to have a lot of laughs and put food on the table/cool Christmas presents in the hands of some of my very closest relatives. :-D

Plug #2: For those who aren't already involved with it, the Fall Jazz Concert at the college is this Saturday at 8:00 in the John Anthony Theatre. The Jazz Lab Band and all three combos will perform (I'm involved with three of the four groups as either director or "player/coach"). If you'd like tickets, shoot me an email and I'll hook you up.

(UPDATE: There's now a Plug #3: It's been confirmed today that I'll be making guest appearances with two of my schools' jazz bands in December. Catch me at Rowlett on Friday the 12th and Lakeview on Monday the 15th. I'll have more info here and on the gig page of my website.)