Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Teachers Say the Darnedest Things When Their Students Make Mistakes

A kid earlier today was playing a passage marked “legato,” and I was curious as to whether he knew the definition...

ME: So what does this term mean?
KID: Legato.
ME: Yes, the word is “legato,” but do you know what it means?
KID (hesitates): I can’t remember.
ME: So you forgotto?

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Just Curious...

Is today the day they get free Slurpees in Europe? They do write the date as 7/11, after all.

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Let's Talk Baseball for a Minute

I grew up as an Astros fan, seeing lots of games at the ‘Dome with my dad. Even as I moved to DFW for college and stayed here, I still supported my old team, cheering them on against everyone but my Rangers (which was easy when they were still in the NL).

When the Astros moved to not only the AL, but the AL West, things changed a bit. It was really weird being at Minute Maid in the summer of ‘16, with Dad and me rooting for opposite teams. But I’ve spent far more years in DFW than I did in Houston, and I’m totally invested in the Rangers.

Still, I was all in for the Astros during this Series. I supported them for Dad, as a tribute to my childhood, and to support the city where I spent my formative years—a city that really needed a lift this fall.

Am I bummed that the Astros took home a championship before my Rangers did? Sure. Will I resume rooting for the Rangers to whomp the Astros at every opportunity once next season starts? You bet! But tonight, I celebrate with my hometown and its fans, and lots of other Texans. And I already can’t wait for next baseball season to start.