Tuesday, June 01, 2004

OK, I'm Gonna Get a Lot Done Today, Starting with...zzzzzzzzzzzz

I can tell that summer is in full swing now, though I'll have to get back on a normal sleep schedule by next week, when teaching fully kicks in. The past 24 hours went like this: Stayed up way too late last night, got up way too early this morning (had a friend staying over who needed a ride somewhere), then chilled out to read the paper and, in the process, took an accidental four-hour nap this afternoon. That's gonna mess me up later tonight...

It's very unusual to be home on a Tuesday night. Big band starts back up in a week and continues through the summer, so I may not find myself in this situation for months upon months. Considering how stormy the weather has been tonight, that's not completely bad. Besides, if I start to get cabin fever in here, the 15th Street Starbucks is open till midnight on weekdays now...yay.

Funny story of the day: Senior citizens in small town confuse bolt on speed-limit sign with decimal point and drive 1.5 mph. Read about it here.

(Thanks to UNEASYsilence for the tip.)

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