Friday, June 11, 2004

The Movable Party

I had a good celebration yesterday, spread out over different parts of the day and many different locations.

Even though I had to get up way too early to teach (first lesson was at 8:30), it was a good birthday. I met Dingus for lunch at Chili's, since he was going to miss the Trifecta later on. During the day, Halfling called from Orlando, Mom and Dad emailed from China, and my sister called from Austin. Micah came over and chilled for a bit while we were waiting for Coop to come home from Marimba Madness. Once he did, Coop and I went to get Zack, Micah went to get a friend of his, and we all headed out for Frisco and the Trifecta.

I drove because I had the biggest car, but being without my TollTag definitely took its...toll. I had been hoarding quarters all week, but going through the Coit toll plaza on the George Bush was definitely a fiasco on this trip. It rejected some of my money (huh?), I missed the basket on a few occasions, and then, even though the toll plazas allegedly don't take pennies, the little window told me I still owed it 13 cents. The girls in the car behind us were laughing (which was too bad, as they were rather hot), but the embarrassment was minimized by me not being in my own car.

We ended up having quite a good-sized group for the Trifecta; Chris from 15th Street Jazz met us up there, as did Jazzy G eventually. They all sang Happy Birthday to me in Chipotle (yeah, they sang like true instrumentalists, but at least they harmonized the ending) and I was appropriately embarrassed. After that, we got the donuts from Krispy Kreme and took them to Starbucks, just like always, and we chilled there for quite a long time.

Afterwards, we headed back to my house to drop off Coop and Zack and head out to Bowl-a-Rama to meet up with Dingus and Demon Matt (G rode with us since it was easier than having her follow us). Despite G's pronouncement that she would "kick my butt" on the lanes, she was having issues with both her ball and her shoes, so the night was mine, as I completely regained the form I thought I'd lost a few weeks ago. Thankfully, a few of their off-duty employees were bowling late, as it was way past closing time when we finished our second game.

The jam session we hoped to have didn't materialize after that, as I still needed to take G back to Frisco, but there'll be plenty of those later on, and way more celebrations once Halfling gets back, and again next month when my parents are back. All in all, it was great to be able to spend "my special day" with nearly everyone close to me who was in the general vicinity.

My Birthday Horoscope

Incredible self-confidence bursts forth this year, partially having to do with all the hard work you've put in recently. August is a big money month. Take on new employment, even if you keep your other job, too. By the new year, you'll be able to invest as you want to. A passionate Leo or Cancer makes love a joyful, easygoing experience.

--Joyce Jillson

I don't actually believe in this stuff, but it is entertaining. The "taking on new employment" could be as simple as having some gigs, and I'm all about that. I'd be even more all about August being a "big money month" too...

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