Sunday, June 20, 2004

A Bit of Dad's Day Trivia

I had several people ask if I called Dad today for Father's Day. These would of course be people who didn't know that he and Mom are still in China. Since calling would be out of the question (I have the numbers for where they'll be each day, but the combination of cost, lack of precise knowledge of the time difference between here and there, and language barrier kept that from happening this time), I sent a nice little e-card, though I realized way too late that I should have sent it yesterday. Ehh, it's the thought that counts; who knows if they'll be able to find a "smoky little Internet cafe" today anyway, like they did a few days ago.

Anyway, here's the trivia: A survey was completed a few years ago by a major telecommunications company (I think it's AT&T, but don't hold me to it), and they unearthed a few "fun facts":

Q: On what day are the most long-distance calls placed?
A: Believe it or not, it's not Christmas--it's Mother's Day.

Q: On what day are the most collect long-distance calls placed?
A: Yup, you probably guessed this one--Father's Day.

I sure wouldn't do that to Dad in China this year. I would be so cut out of the will...

Candles and greetings: Happy birthday to Stout, the current time-record holder in the 2BC; also, welcome back Fizban (he signed onto AIM and promptly put up an away message reading "sleep," and after a week and a half in Brazil, who'd blame him?).

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