Saturday, June 05, 2004

Freaky but Cool

Stuff like this has happened before, but this one was really wild.

I went to the DPS yesterday morning to get my driver's license renewed in advance of next week's birthday; I'd been lazy the past two times and renewed by mail, with the result being that the picture (taken back when I weighed more and was goatee-less), looks nothing like me now. I decided that, in the post-9/11 world of flying, it would behoove me to have a more updated picture, so I decided to brave the crowds and get one done for this renewal. (I've always liked that word "behoove," which sounds more like an unspeakably cruel thing to do to a cow or horse than what it actually means.)

Anyway, my route to the DPS takes me right past Halfling's neighborhood, which has a stoplight at its entrance. As I approached that intersection (at which I had a green light), a thought entered my mind: "How funny would it be if Halfling were sitting in the first car at the intersection?" As I passed through, I found out that was exactly what was happening. Freaky.

(Keep in mind that there's a parking lot blocking the view of that street until you get right up on the intersection, so I really couldn't see the car beforehand. There was no reason for me to think that Halfling would be sitting there...except that he was.)

He didn't see me, and by the time I confirmed (by license plate number) that it was indeed him, it was too late to honk, but I called his cell so he could share in the amazement. He eventually caught up to me and we had a little car-to-car conversation at a couple of red lights.

And that afternoon, I wished him bon voyage, as he and his family left town on a Disney vacation. That means he'll miss my birthday next week, but there will be plenty more celebrations afterwards. Fizban will be on his mission trip by then as well, and my parents will still be in China, so hey...I'll celebrate mulitiple times, no problem.

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