Monday, June 28, 2004

A Monday Cornucopia

A bit of this 'n' that...

EFF: A Better Way Forward: Voluntary Collective Licensing of Music File Sharing. An innovative answer to the dilemma of file-sharers being sued by the Machine. Would you pay $5 a month for a file-sharing license if it meant you could use your same P2P software without the risk of being sued? The folks at the Electronic Freedom Foundation have come up with what seems to be a good, workable plan...but would the Machine buy into it?

Bobblekev Night at the Ballpark? I could be a bobblehead! You could too, as The WOW Report notes today.

(Thanks to UNEASY silence for the link.)

My little po(r)ny? "She has flowing hair, smooth skin, languid eyes, and she's completely naked. Are we discussing here a star of one of the approximately four hundred thousand single-, double-, and triple-X-rated films out there, or one of the approximately four hundred thousand different "My Little Ponies" they flooded toy stores with in the Eighties?" Take the quiz here to find out.

(Thanks to Dave Barry's Blog for the link.)

No more Sonic updates? I've been meaning to mention this for a while, but the Famous Sonic Sign has been somewhat taken over by the Home Office; the entire message board is covered with ready-made signs that were created at the corporate level. They're appearing in some form at all the area drive-ins, and of course no more locally-assembled letter boards means no more amusing misspellings. Oh well, I never would've thought when I first saw the ad for the melts that were UMM, DELICIOUS that I would get as much material out of that as I did. (For a clearinghouse of Sonic sign info, go here.)

The halves vs. the halve-nots: Yesterday, Halfling and I got to jam for a really long time after we got back from the Rangers game. By the time we were done, we realized our total hang had lasted for over twelve hours. That meant, I then remarked, that I'd spent "a half-day with the Halfling," and the first thing we both thought of title. So we'll write that one, umm, eventually (our collective compositional pace has been glacial so far, but should pick up once the combo gets rolling). We're not sure what style the tune will be in yet, but we do know that, with a title of that nature, the progressions will move in mostly (what else?) half-steps.

(UPDATE: Speaking of the Rangers, the one-run loss to the Astros in the game we went to yesterday was just a momentary setback, as they rebounded tonight to take another game from Seattle, on the road even. The kids are still alright...)

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