Thursday, June 10, 2004

Happy Birthday to Me!

It's just after midnight, so I guess I can go into my annual brush with narcissism and wish myself a happy birthday on this site. It's been a great year, and I have a feeling that this next one will be even better. As I've already mentioned, a lot of close friends and family are elsewhere today, so the celebrations will not be limited to this day alone. Just like a year ago, my birthday will be brought to you by the letter B: in addtion to the birthday itself, there will be burritos (a Trifecta, even), bowling (duhh) and bebop (a jam session is sure to ensue at day's end). Before that is a decent-sized day of teaching, so I'll keep this post short for now.

Bon Voyage, Part III: This time it's Fizban, who's off to Brazil on a mission trip. Maybe I'll go back and translate "bon voyage" into Portuguese on the Babelfish, but I'm too lazy now (heh).

Mmm, donuts: Speaking of the Trifecta, one of its elements is coming closer to home: a Krispy Kreme is being built in Plano! It'll be on Central right next to the new Red Lobster. You could technically do a Plano Trifecta after that, except you'd lose the within-walking-distance part, which is half the fun (and all of the making up for such gastronomic excess). You'd have to walk from the 15th St. Chipotle to the 15th St. Starbucks (very doable) to the new Krispy Kreme (ack). Now watch, someone will be crazy enough to do it...naah, I think we're all too lazy for that.

(Wow, I've talked about being lazy twice in this can tell it's summer around here.)

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