Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Kev Takes The Dingus Quiz

OK, I entered my name into that little acronym-generator that Dingus posted on his site the other day, and this was how it came out:


I'd have to say I agree with that.

For me, entering my unabbreviated name didn't turn out nearly so well--sort of the opposite of how it worked for Dingus:


I have a few issues with that one. Exhausted, I'd agree with, most of the time, but I don't think that people get worn out by having me around. And anyone who's seen Casa de Kev or Kevmobile 1.2 most of the time will know that "neat" is not one of my attributes, unless maybe they're meaning that in a '60's-'70's kind of way, as in "what a neat guy." (Come to think of it, Dingus had a problem with the N in his given name too; his was "neglected." Guess there just aren't too many positive things, apart from "nice," that start with N.)

Name / Username:

Name Acronym Generator

(UPDATE: I found out that the results may change from day to day; I entered my nickname again two days later, and it came out as Keen, Explosive and Valiant, while my full name came out as Kinky, Earthy, Vigorous, Intelligent and Noisy, which sounds like five of the seven dwarfs in a porno remake of Snow White. Intelligent would, of course, be the nerdy one who never got any action.)

I need Zack to translate this headline too: Happy Anniversary to Mom and Dad, who made it to Tokyo just fine and will spend today at Mt. Fuji...except that today might be tomorrow already; I don't totally have a handle on the time-change thing when it crosses the international date line.


G. Travis said...

G - Graceful
E - Explosive
O - Outrageous
R - Radiant
G - Glamorous
E - Energetic
A - Appealing
N - Naive
N - New
E - Eccentric

Explosive??!!! Eccentric. Considering I just spent the past 2 days reading about sand and gravel (not exploding sand or exploding gravel)..

Kev said...

Do I want to know what the "sand and gravel" book is about?

Your name has so many letters in it, it's no surprise that it covers the whole spectrum like that...

G. Travis said...

Do I want to know what the "sand and gravel" book is about?Only if you are going to be putting together a serious aquarium in the near future. ($55 for the amount/type of sand I need!!!)