Thursday, September 30, 2004

Lucifer Adjusts His Parka

I was going randomly through the list of my friends' blogs tonight when I discovered something truly odd: Woody posted! It was July the last time she did that. Then I found something even stranger: Coop posted last week for the first time since late March. *falls over in shock* That means that the new "king of the blog slackers" (or would that be "slackbloggers?" Hmm..) is Zack, who hasn't chimed in since June 8.

Other than that...tired. The weird part of the week is over, and I have a "short" Friday tomorrow that goes only until 4:45. A nap (and not the $75 variety, either) will ensue. More later.

Blow out the candles: Happy Birthday to Cassi! (yes, a day before Dingus)

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