Sunday, September 26, 2004

Like Spider-Man, This Sequel Was Better

Tonight was the second TD/D gig at Ke Davi, and we all agreed that it went better than last time. I've posted my thoughts on the subject on the group blog, so I won't duplicate my efforts here. Suffice it to say that it was superior to last time, both individually and collectively. The best news is that we're playing again in two weeks (October 9).

One thing I didn't mention on the other site is that I was quite happy with the success of the mass emails I've been sending out. No, I'm not a spammer, but teaching 70-something students as I do, I make sure that they and their parents know about my gigs, and sure enough, three who had never been to one before (including a sixth-grader!) showed up tonight. The only downside of the students-and-parents crowd is that they'll never hear the last set due to how late it goes, but I'm totally psyched to see them there. I'm hoping to see a few more fraternity brothers next time as well (plus, they can stay up later).

And now it's time to hit the proverbial hay; I've got a small group going to the Rangers game just after lunchtime, so I'd better rest up. More later.

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