Thursday, September 02, 2004

The Hang™

For the second straight night, I went to Denton. Why? Because it was Wednesday night and time for The Hang™, that's why.

So here's the thing: I teach myself silly on Wednesdays. 7:30 to 7:30 with almost no break. Lunch at 10:30 in the morning. When high school lets out, I still have three hours left to go. And I'm not done after that, either; there's still one, maybe two more lessons at the house. My summertime Marathon Wednesdays had nothing on today.

Why this madness? Well, one of my schools decided to cram all of their saxophones into a single class during marching season. Normally, I'd teach all three periods in a row there, but I can't do that until mid-November when their second trimester begins. I want to reserve those in-class times for them so I can do that, so the end result is that the first two periods lie fallow for the first two six-weeks of school. Dang it all, if I'm gonna have such a punishing schedule on Wednesday nights, then I might as well get to sleep in on Thursday mornings.

And it's no accident that the off-time is on Thursdays. After all, Wednesday is Lab Band Night at UNT. I had a great time going to that on several different occasions last semester. But even though the concerts didn't start tonight (and indeed may not start for several more weeks), we decided to start the proceedings this week anyway, and since we can't call it Lab Band Night yet, we gave it the simple but sensible moniker of The Hang™.

Tonight was pretty simple; we Whataburgered for a while and listened to music back at Halfling's room. As you can see from the time stamp of this post, I got in pretty late (early), but it was well worth it. What could be better at the end of a brutal day than chillin' with your best friend? Before I went up there, not only was my body tired, but my mind was tired too. Now my mind is totally refreshed...and I'm going to sleep soon. More later.