Saturday, September 04, 2004

My New Toy

I got a new cell phone this week, and I've finally had time to do some stuff with it this weekend. It's a Nokia 6800, nicknamed the "ultimate texting machine" because of the full keyboard that flips out for fast, easy text messaging (something at which I was notoriously slow on a regular keypad).

Once I finally got all the numbers programmed in yesterday afternoon, it was ready to go. So far, it seems like it's got a much better signal than the old one; it was even fairly clear in Halfling's basement-level dorm room. It also lights up in cool colors and has a bunch of interesting ring tones that I'll probably never use (the whole teaching/rehearsing/performing thing pretty much limits me to the vibrate function most of the time). I'm glad the two years were up on my contract, because I was really ready for this.

UPDATE: After a few more days, I'm even happier with the phone; it actually gets a signal--and '"four bars" to boot--inside the music store (my old phone tended to say "no service" anywhere in that building), and the battery is still over halfway charged despite the phone being on constantly since Friday afternoon. I think the screensaver function (which defaults to a rotating time display after two minutes of unuse) must be helping a lot.

Joke of the week: This is an old one, but it was told a lot this week and seems to fit the theme of this time of year just perfectly:

Q: How many kids with ADD does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: Let's ride bikes!

(And nobody with ADD get offended, OK? I have it too, they just didn't know nearly so much about it when I was little, so I was able to escape childhood without being all hopped up on happy pills. This may be a good thing, because I always hear about musicians' creativity being stifled by such medications. The best parody of that came in a Pearls Before Swine comic from last fall. It seems to not be archived on the Web anymore, but it's still hanging on my refrigerator door.)

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