Sunday, September 05, 2004


I was having lunch at Subway today when the guy behind me ordered a Chipotle Cheesesteak sandwich, only he pronounced it "Chuh-PUTT-lee." It reminded me of two things: the Jack in the Box commercial from a year or two ago where Jack couldn't pronounce it either (my favorite of his mis-speakings was "Chip-uh-TOP-uh-lay") and his mouth got all oddly contorted at the end, and the first several times my dad saw a sign for the home of the giant burrito.

Dad has always been one of those who, upon seeing an unusual word or combination of words on a sign, will attempt to sound it out. The 15th St. Chipotle is near the hotel where he and Mom stay whenever they visit, so when we passed by the sign on the freeway, the following exchange took place:

ME: Not quite.

They came back a few months later and passed the sign again.

ME: You're getting closer...

Eventually, of course, he figured out how to say it, and they even ate there one time in the spring and in fact just missed crashing our Thursday burrito night with the gang by a few hours.

UPDATE: While researching the Jack in the Box links, I found out that they now own Qdoba. That means that, with the exception of Freebirds, all the "Fresh-Mex" chains have fast-food burger parents (McDonald's/Chipotle, Wendy's/Baja Fresh, and Jack/Qdoba). I still haven't tried Qdoba, which Zack recommended, but I've also avoided the other two, also on the same recommendation.

Not so mean yet, but just wait: Last night, Halfling and I sought out, and found, a place in Denton that was showing the UNT-UT game (it was only on pay-per-view). UT came into the game ranked seventh in the nation, so our hopes weren't high; we were just thinking that maybe it could stay within the twenty-something points listed in the spread.

But nope, it was not a good night for the Mean Green, as UT romped, 65-0. It might have been at least a little closer if UNT hadn't had trouble holding onto the ball at crucial times. After a while, it just wasn't pretty...and they didn't even show the halftime (boo), the one part of the game that UNT could have "won."

At least this coming Saturday will be a home game, against a school that nobody's heard of, at least in this part of the country. We should be able to tell what this team can do after next week. I'm personally hoping for a return trip to the New Orleans Bowl, since I had such a great time last year. At any rate, it'll be fun to go to the games again.

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