Sunday, September 12, 2004

Blowing Out the Candle (Yes, Just One)

Caleb, my youngest nephew (for now, at least) turned one year old today. I announced his birth on this site a year ago and have also featured him in a few other posts. He hasn't had the opportunity to fully develop the personality that will come with being able to talk and all that (like his older brother Noah, who will talk your ear off), but he's always very smiley and quite sweet.

I didn't get to go down to Austin for the celebration, since it was this afternoon/evening and that's a long trip for a school night, but I sent a card and my best wishes and hope to be down there again soon.

Comic relief: In yesterday's edition of the comic strip Fox Trot, sister Paige called younger brother Jason a "dingus." It's spreading...

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