Thursday, September 23, 2004

Rerun Night

This week has really taken it out of me, so instead of posting anything really new, I just decided to clean up some old stuff and alert everyone to that fact:

--I got the pictures from Mooney today, so you can now see a picture of me and Halfling with the Yellowjackets in last Saturday's post.

--I also finished recounting the story of how I first encountered J-Guar in the post from his birthday last week.

As always, it was Marathon Wednesday that wiped me out this week, but I was revived by the Hang™, even though it kept me out late (but again, thankfully, I don't start teaching until 10 on Thursday mornings during the first trimester). Tomorrow will be a "short" day (done at 5:15), and Saturday is the big band "retreat" followed a few hours later by the TD/D gig, so I'm pacing myself between now and then.

Anyway, I always try to post at least every two days, so there ya go. If the TV networks can do "reruns" on occasion, so can I.

Technology update: Here's a new cell phone that examines the air around the user to detect bad breath and other unpleasant odors. I guess that would be ok as long as it didn't tell you this out loud, right in the middle of your date...
(via Dave Barry's Blog)

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