Friday, July 29, 2005

This Piano Teacher's Stringboard Was Way Too Tightly Wound

From Dave Barry's Blog comes the story of a piano teacher who became enraged at her student for playing a different piece than she had chosen for him in a competition; she subsequently went on stage during the performance and slammed the piano lid on his hand. The student, of course, is suing.

As a longtime music teacher, I've known a few colleagues who were that tightly wound, but this lady may take the cake. And it does seem like that would only happen among classical musicians; we jazzers are normally way too laid-back to do something like that (OK, maybe Buddy Rich notwithstanding).

Also check out the comments on Dave's post, where several readers (myself included) offer up our favorite musician jokes.

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Jazzy G said...

My HS band director was like that piano lady. He never caused me physical harm, but he did screw me over on many good musical opportunities and tried to make my life a living hell until I graduated.

Jazzy G said...

Actually.. I take that back.. he did grab me by the arm once, and rather forcefully pulled me off a chair I was standing on so I could reach something .. but he ended up getting the worst end of the deal as I came down hard on his unprotected feet.