Saturday, July 09, 2005

Hukd ahn Fonix Wurkd fur Thim To

This is a light blogging day; I'm enjoying my last true weekend before an out-of-town fraternity conference and Jazz Camp occur back-to-back at the end of next week. But I did want to note something amusing that Coop and I saw this afternoon. You may recall that, about a year and a half ago, a local restaurant with mangled messages on its marquee provided tons of blog-fodder for a while, and today, during the Starbucks portion of a Trifecta*, we looked up and saw this on a chalkboard sign:


It also said something about a FRAPPUCHINO on the same sign. D'oh.

We did feel somewhat bad when a few of the employees heard us laughing and saw us observing the sign, which one of them quickly fixed. The girl who made the sign said she had been in a hurry when doing so, and, while she was aware of the HUNGY part, she had missed the others. Even if we had a laugh at their expense, at least they fixed it in time for others to avoid doing the same.

*For the benefit of new readers, a Trifecta involves my three favorite indulgences: Starbucks, Krispy Kreme and Chipotle. They have to be within walking distance of each other, and, needless to say, it only happens on special occasions, lest we all end up weighing 900 pounds.

Oh say, you can A couple of pictures have been added to the May 22 post about the Rangers game where our alumni group sang the National Anthem. Granted, part of it was the blazing 98-degree sunlight, but my first impression when I saw the picture was: Man, we is some pasty white dudes (heh). But I'm really glad we got the pictures, which were sent by the Rangers organization itself.


Jazzy G said...

Was the sign misspelling girl blonde? :P

Kev said...

Believe it or not, no. (That stereotype doesn't always hold water. My sister was blonde in high school and ended up #8 in her class.)

Jazzy G said...

Just curious... couldn't resist asking.

The Travis genes cause one's hair to be blonde until whenever it decides to darken later on in life. I was blonde haired and blue eyed. My hair darkened in elementary school sometime.. and I'm pretty sure it's still getting darker. My eyes changed color around 5th grade, if I remember correctly.

I didn't really notice either of the changes until someone pointed them out to me. There is still debate on my eye color, but my drivers license says green.

If I was the stereotypical brunette counterpart in the blonde jokes, I'd be majoring in marine biology.