Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I'll Punch In the Rest of This Later

This was already going to be a light blogging week later on, when I'm out of town with no computer access on Friday and Saturday. Now, it's turned into a light beginning of the week also, since I've been up at the college for the past two nights while the big band works on a recording session. I only actually played on one tune, but I was around to serve as an extra pair of ears and give occasional cues and things.

Being in the studio is fascinating stuff; for the accomplished musician, it allows one to clean up a few mistakes and thus polish up an already-decent recording. For those of lesser ability (i.e. some of the spawn of the Machine, it would be possible to use technology to replace talent altogether.

I'll discuss some of this stuff...later, like some of the finishing touches on the recording that we didn't get to tonight. In the meantime, I need to prepare for this out-of-town conference and rest up for another Marathon Wednesday tomorrow.

An army of one two: According to author Michael Fumento, obesity in Americans may be threatening our national defense capability:
With Iraq already straining enlistment efforts, nearly 20 percent of men and 40 percent of women of recruiting age are too fat to even be considered. "This is quickly becoming a national security issue for us," an Army nutrition expert recently told the AP.
Read the whole thing. (via The Volokh Conspiracy)


Jazzy G said...

Duuuuude... I just got home... *passes out*

Jazzy G said...

Now that I've slept, I'll say something 100% more intelligent.

I would never have thought about the ever increasing waistline of America as a military issue, but it does make some sense. I do wonder what the military considers is the lowest possible BMI that is "too fat to even be considered". Also, it isn't like 100% the 20% men and 40% women of recruiting age that are "unfit" would choose to join the military. For those who would willingly choose that path, don't you think they would also be willing to shedding those pounds? Granted we have no idea how overweight these people are so this could be a pointless comment. But you'd still think the military would be happy to get any people considering they keep saying how tight things are in the personnel department. With the rigorous training that recruits go through anyway, wouldn't you think the military could assist these willing people in becoming healthier?

Okay.. the 800mg Motrin has kicked in. I feel like I'm on that Mexican hat ride at Six Flags. I hope all of what I wrote up there made sense.

Kev said...

"With the rigorous training that recruits go through anyway, wouldn't you think the military could assist these willing people in becoming healthier?"

Yeah, that was in the main story that I linked in my post; the military is pretty confident that its fitness program could work for all but the most hopeless cases.

Jazzy G said...

Ah yes. I vaguely remember seeing that now that I'm not "at Six Flags" anymore. :P