Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Right Man Moniker for the Job

A recent post over at Althouse yesterday quotes a New York University law professor named Sylvia Law. That's right--she's Professor Law, the Law Professor. That's not the first time I've run across someone whose name really matches his or her profession, and it seems to be common in the professorate. I've also run across a piano professor named Dr. Keyes and an education professor named Dr. Schoolmaster. I know there are plenty of other people running around out there with job-appropriate names, and I bet you do too. Feel free to post them in the comments.

So did his chair have a little sticker with a picture of a car on it? An 80-year-old German man was arrested for driving his wheelchair on the Autobahn.

Jedidiah's rebellious years: An Amish teen in Ohio was charged with stealing house numbers and flower pots (as well as with an MIP). The authorities got wind of his mischief when neighbors complained of someone blasting loud music from his buggy.

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