Friday, July 01, 2005

Look! Up in the Sky!, it's not a bird, or a plane, or Superman, but it is something rarely seen around these parts lately: dark clouds. I even heard some thunder a minute ago! We're not supposed to be in the Sahara out here, but it hasn't rained in this area since early June; I personally haven't seen it since the Saturday Night Block party in Burlington, which was on June I opened the door a moment ago, and it even smelled like rain, so maybe the long drought (literally, in this case) is finally over for a second.

UPDATE: D'oh! After being "teased" by the storms for a while (they evidently hit Dallas proper), it's sunny again. Coming home from my workout, I find no evidence of it having rained here at all. At least the clouds we had kept the temperatures down, so I doubt yesterday's high of 100 (first time all year) was matched today. I hear there's another possiblity of storms for tomorrow; come drench my yard, will ya? I may not be all Hank Hill about my lawn, but I don't want it to be totally brown either.

NEXT DAY UPDATE: We finally got the wet stuff here overnight...and despite the theory being floated in the comments (which is more than often true), I didn't wash a single car. Of course, it's always possible that one of my neighbors did it and decided to share the wealth with the whole street.


Jazzy G said...

A fellow LiveJournalist said she'd send some rain our way, and remarked that out of the past 27 days it has rained during 23 of them where she lives.

All I can say is... I should go wash my car. That always does the trick. Heck, I'll even wash my Dad's truck, and Mom's SUV. Kev you need yours washed too? Guess I should get crackin on the rain making..

Jazzy G said...

Well.. it worked. We got drizzled on. The real rain followed the most thoroughly washed vehicle. Dad called from the golf course to inform us he was soaked. He didn't find it nearly as funny as I did.