Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Gator Hunting with Low Brass

A while back, i posted a story about a high-schooler in South Dakota who managed to attract a moose to his house while he was practiciing his baritone sax. In that same vein, here's a story about a weird science experiment: Male alligators in mating season are attracted to the B-flat on a tuba (at least when played through the wood of a boardwalk). The gators actually echoed the sound after they heard it. (Hat tip: Dave Barry's Blog.)

UPDATE: This site has video!

(This reminds me a bit of my old cat, Tasha--may she rest in peace--who would come into the room if you whistled Clifford Brown's "Joy Spring," but only if it were done in the original key of F. And if you're keeping score, Tasha's quirks are Fun Facts #10 and 11.)

Weird headline of the day: Judge orders man not to have girlfriend. (It actually makes a little more sense when you read the story.)

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