Monday, June 18, 2007

Going Mobile

After a long wait, I got the car back today. It was nice to get wheels again, and the wait couldn't have realistically been much longer; I can't exactly walk to the college, where a full afternoon of teaching loomed.

So the even-more-bionic Kevmobile 1.2 has a new alternator, a new gasket that's supposed to stop the oil leaks, and yet another distributor; the phantom part from yesterday proved difficult to replace, so they just went ahead and put a completely new unit in. All under warranty from January (*smiles*).

As I told the guy at the garage today, I hope I'm not back again anytime soon for anything more than an oil change.

They're multiplying like rabbits, and they're in the way: Flights at an airport in Milan, Italy have been delayed recently due to mating hares on the runway.

I hope they don't bring this to the State Fair next year: A New York pizzeria has come up with deep-fried pizza.

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