Thursday, June 14, 2007

The bureau pig picks the rice

About a year ago, I linked to this hilarious list of badly-translated items on a Chinese restaurant menu. Today, I went back to revisit that page, and, hidden among the (over 500) comments on that post, I found a link to another menu, this one evidently from a 3-star hotel in China. Some highlights:
  • The chicken hates the soup of

  • Nepoleon fries the idea powder

  • The pig picks the elder brother a cloth

  • The cold cow in the special grade west of the United States picks the meal
You get the idea. Read the whole thing (maybe NSFW because a few menu items get translated as F-bombs, believe it or not).

More weird food, part 1: Anyone for kiwi-flavored sausage? How about maraschino cherry, or maybe aloe vera? You can get this now in Germany. (But how in the world did they figure out what aloe vera tasted like?)

More weird food, part 2: And you can wash down that sausage with a cucumber-flavored soda. (It doesn't contain cucumbers, mind you; it just tastes like them.)

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