Monday, June 04, 2007


I'm back from the trip and pretty much just chillin' tonight; since summer teaching starts in the morning (keeping in mind that we left on this trip the day after spring teaching ended; no rest for the weary), I'll just make a short post today and finish the one remaining trip report (about yesterday's excursion to Branson) in the next day or two.

I was going to troll for comments, since they've been a little sparse lately, but an email from one of my usual commenters may have explained the drought in that area: Evidently, ever since Blogger switched all its users over to Google accounts a few weeks ago, I'm guessing it rendered my non-blogging commenters' accounts invalid as well. If you don't mind getting a Google account, that should let you continue to comment under your own name, but I also have things set up so that you don't need an account to comment here. Anyway, whichever way you choose to do so, I'd love to hear from you. I've been talking a lot lately; what would you like to talk about?

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