Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Great Slam for Sammy

Way to go, Sammy. I was hoping that you'd save that 600th homer for Friday night, when I'll be at the game...but how sweet it must be to hit that milestone in front of the home crowd of the team who drafted you, with your former team as the opposition.

Sure, there's another, even bigger milestone that's likely to be reached this summer, but at least this one came here, for a team that hasn't had a lot to cheer about, and it happened to a guy who--while no stranger to the steriod controversy--is at least, by many accounts, an eminently more likeable guy. (Anyone wanna bet that Bonds doesn't blow kisses to the audience when he hits his miestone? Sammy did tonight.)

And the best part? The Rangers won the game as well. Could this season be turning around?

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