Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Wreck Redux

Today, thirteen months after my unfortunate encounter with a soccer mom at an intersection near my house, I got an official notice from my insurance company: Soccer Mom is also Deadbeat Mom. They've tried for nearly a year to collect from her to no avail. Even their subrogation department (that was a new word for me too) had no luck. (It turned out the insurance information she gave me was from a policy that had been canceled for lack of payment about two weeks before the accident.)

So that pretty much means that I'm out my deductible, unless I go after her myself. So I throw this one out to the readers: Has anyone had any luck actually collecting on something like this? Since the attorney's fees would probably equal what I'd get back (I think it was $500; I'd have to go back and look), has anyone successfully done this without a lawyer? Any responses would be appreciated.


Steven said...

The lady that hit me actually came through with her insurance. I guess I got the lesser of 2 evils.

Give her another week, and then Matt and me will go over there to bea...I mean make her pay. >:)

Anonymous said...

There is always small claims court. It is cheaper and I think you can do that without an attorney and his/her fees.

Of course if she remains a deadbeat, you could always take that soccer mom car of hers and sell it for gas money!