Monday, April 04, 2005

All Caught Up

The two posts I started last week are finished; read them here and here. There is plenty of busy-ness left in April, but I don't see too many more all-consuming days like some of the ones last week, so regular posting should resume, assuming I have something to post about. (Me, at a loss for words? Yeah, right...)

The ecstasy (and agony) of de feet: Many people are aware that I never wear shoes in Casa de Kev and encourage my friends to join me in that practice (that's Fun Fact #9 if you're keeping score); I read an article today that mentions how such behavior is becoming common practice in many other homes as well. I never really thought about it being good for the circulation, but it makes sense to me.

Oh, and I also saw the flip-side of that equation over the weekend; having misjudged the length of my dinner break (and not knowing I'd have the opportunity to chauffeur the guest artists around again), I didn't bring any spare clothes for the Corea concert that night. The end result was that, for the first time in recent memory, I had to wear dress shoes for about 16 straight hours. All I can say is....bleh. I'm so glad I'm not in a business that requires that on a regular basis; I doubt I'd still be able to walk by now.

This gives new meaning to the term "busted": A police officer is accused of downloading naked photos of a suspect from her cell phone after a recent arrest.
(via Dave Barry's Blog)

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