Sunday, April 24, 2005

Can't Find a Good Business Motivational Text? Don't Despair--It's Here

If you're in the business world--or like to make fun of it--you'll want to know about the new book from Despair, Inc. founder E.L. Kersten, The Art of Demotivation. Yes, it's an actual book, and it really does come in three different editions (Manager, Executive and Chairman). I love the illustrations done in "Wall Street Journal style" of some of the best-loved Demotivators lithographs (full disclosure: my brother-in-law is CEO of Despair).

The funniest link I've seen in a while: An a capella singing group from the University of Wisconsin performs a medley of Nintendo themes. (Hat tip: Althouse)

A reunion of a different sort: On the way home from my fraternity reunion stuff yesterday, I stopped by Recycled Records and picked up a CD from one of my old classmates, Russ Nolan. His name came back on my radar screen when his arrangement of Kenny Garrett's "For Openers" was revisited by the One O'Clock during a few concerts this year, and his compositional prowess is showcased on this solo effort, Two Colors (he's also really grown as a player, having studied with the likes of Dave Liebman, Chris Potter and Kenny Werner since leaving UNT). I'll have a full review later on (or expand this one), but so far, I'm digging what I've heard.

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