Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Travel Advisory II

I'm taking advantage of the mornings off from school this week to go visit my Sinfonia chapter at Baylor, so once again, blogging will be light for a day or two. Oh, and I realized that I'll be in Waco on the anniversary of the end of the Branch Davidian siege, but hopefully everyone's attention will be on Oklahoma City, where it should be today.

I'll still have my usual Wednesday P.M. activities, but expect a new post on Thursday for sure; even if I get up and go work out (which I plan to do), I'll have a good three hours off that day--maybe more.

In this case, the "R" stood for "RUN AWAY!": An 81-year-old Florida woman about to test-drive a car accidentally put it into reverse, hitting her husband, a salesman, a car and a tree before running into a wall. (via Dave Barry's Blog)

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