Saturday, April 09, 2005

Jazz Club Owner Still Has the Blues

I wrote a while back about how the wildly successful Brooklyn jazz club in Oak Cliff's Bishop Arts District was embroiled in a legal battle with its neighboring businesses over alleged noise intrusion. Now the landlord has asked owner Lorna Tate to start paying for sound insulation immediately or move out:
"I think we're going to have to take them to court," Ms. Tate said. "We just can't walk away from our $200,000 investment here and start all over with nothing."

Ms. Tate was first notified by letter in December about noise complaints and given 30 days to turn down the volume or leave. Although attorneys on both sides have been negotiating for months, Ms. Tate said they've found no harmonious solution.

They had discussed hiring a sound engineer to monitor the noise levels, but Ms. Tate's attorney, Barbara Nicholas, received an e-mail Wednesday saying her client must begin building a soundproofing wall or face the music. (source)
I sure hope something can be worked out; we've lost enough good jazz clubs here in recent years, and this would be an unfortunate way to lose another one.

And speaking of live jazz: Only six more days till the return of Team Demon/Dingus, next Friday night at the Coffee Haus in downtown Plano. Hope that lots of Musings readers can make it (well, OK, James has a pass on this one, since he lives in Australia and all).

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