Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Green Mountains 1, Alps 0

So the college big band had secured two invitations to jazz festivals this year, one to this one in Switzerland, and another to this one in Vermont. I've been to both of them before, and they're both awesome, but it had been longer since I'd been to Switzerland, so that was the one I was hoping to visit again this summer. However, that is not to be--maybe next year?--so the Vermont trip it is.

Sure, I'm a little disappointed, but in the end, it's really no big deal. Vermont's cheaper; it's as close to Switzerland as we get here in the States (not geographically, of course, but in terms of setting--nestled in between the mountains and a big lake), and we can have that righteous peanut-butter pie from Henry's Diner again (I'll link the original story later...too lazy tonight). It's also easier on me to miss a week of teaching in June than it would have been in July (so close to camp and all).

Oh, and it means I get to spend my birthday night seeing this, which doesn't suck in the least. The music, in fact, is comparable at each festival, save for the Steps Ahead reunion in Switzerland on July 4 (as I explained to more than one of my students the last time we went there, they do have the Fourth of July in Switzerland...they just don't celebrate it the way we do). But I have no doubt that I'll get back to Montreux before long, and I mean as a player (TD/D, anyone?). For now, the domestic equivalent will be just fine; I'm just glad we know so my summer planning can get underway.

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