Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Quick Plug (about a quick plug)

I tuned my car radio to KRLD today (it's my default setting for when I change CD's, so I can check traffic, weather, etc.), and what did I hear but Despair, Inc. being profiled on Mike Rogers' The Other Side of the News feature. They interviewed Dr. E.L. (Larry) Kersten, the COO, who usually does all the TV and radio stuff (my bro-in-law Justin is the CEO and usually handles the newspaper articles). It was basically a summary of some of the favorite "Demotivator" designs over the years (kinda hard to describe on radio, of course).

This year, they're re-releasing the original 12 designs ("digitally remastered from the original film," as the website says) as a "classic" 2004 calendar, and one with 12 new designs will be available in about a month. If you haven't been to the site yet, check it out; it's all kinds of cool, and I would say that even if my brother-in-law didn't own the company and if the sales didn't help put food on the table of my dear sister and two darling nephews. :-) But he does, and they do, so that's all the better. In times like these, there's great money to be made from Despair...

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