Monday, October 06, 2003

OK, This May Be Sicker Than The 2BC...

As an avid blogger, I often read other people's blogs as well; not just those of my friends, but also some random ones that either pop up on the "Just Published" page of Blogger, but also things that I find while getting distracted during Google searches for other stuff. I've run across some real junk, but also some quite enjoyable sites.

So today I read that Phil, a.k.a. Stereoboy, a college student from Michigan, participated in something at least as twisted as the 2BC: The Gallon Challenge, which involves consuming an entire gallon of milk and keeping it down/in for an hour (i.e. none of it can pass out of any bodily exit during that time). Our protagonist didn't succeed this time, but his R.A. did; wonder how that felt the next morning? I left a comment suggesting the 2BC to them for their "next trick" even though there are no Chipotle's in Michigan (not like college students are averse to roadtrips, though). Anyway, glad to know that the League of Lunatics has counterparts in other places.

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