Monday, October 13, 2003

Catch the WAVs

It's only Monday and I'm already completely beat. Time to be a complete weirdo (for me) and go to bed before 10 p.m. in an attempt to rejuvenate a bit. So it seems like the perfect time to share some entertainment that I've gotten recently: A couple of weird Asian videos (or WAVs for short).

The first one came to me through Dave Barry's Blog last month--the Japanese Singing Eggplants video. It's pretty amusing.

Last night, I sent that link to Zack, because he's into all things Asian, and the song on the video sounded like something he'd put on the various "Zax Mixes" I've gotten over the years. He thought it was pretty wacked-out, which is saying something 'cuz he's into some rather unusual stuff. He replied in kind with this, which was a pretty cool video (I really liked the animated cat) and a rather frantic song much more in "Zack's tempo" (you may know from these pages or elsewhere that Zack is the state DDR champ). Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little slice of Asiana. Back for more talk tomorrow, if the extra rest does its trick.

(UPDATE: Here's a third one--evidently a soy sauce commercial--also courtesy of Dave Barry's Blog.)

"NORMAL" MUSIC OF THE DAY: Spymob. Great stuff; check it out. The mp3's are a little slow to download, but they have samples of their whole CD on the site.

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