Thursday, October 30, 2003

Catchin' Up

OK, it's been a long week, I'll just catch up a bit: Tuesday was more r-ball with Ben; I still won all the games, but he's getting way better (and didn't hit me this time). Wednesday was judging for all-state jazz tenors...protocol prohibits me from going into detail, at least until the band is announced sometime next week, but suffice it to say it's always a learning experience. Tonight was the usual--combo PM, burrito night--and then went to visit my parents at their hotel. They're visiting this week even though I hardly have any time to see them, but there were some things they said they needed to do to the house, so who am I to argue?

Oh yeah, and Stephen A. (Gold Dingus) failed in his first 2BC attempt tonight. He was almost as close as Lee--maybe 3 or 4 bites at most. He swears he'll be back to try again, just "not tonight." Wimp (haha).

The Fabled-ness of Fizban: In yesterday's New York Times Crossword Puzzle (#0917), the clue for 51 Across is "Nobody Doesn't Like _____ Lee." I was disappointed to see that it was four letters long, so you can't fit the word "Demon" in there. (Laugh if you get the joke. And yeah, I know it's supposed to be "Sara" for the answer; that commercial was stuck in my head way too many times...)

The Fray Expands: There's been a lot of activity since I jumped into the fray this weekend; I'll probably have more to say myself once the teaching week is over.

Boo-Rito Day: If you're a fan, you probably know this already, but if you go to Chipotle tomorrow dressed as a burrito (basically, you cover yourself in foil, just like a few years ago when I went to a party as a baked potato), they'll give you one for free, and take your picture for possible use on their website.
(UPDATE: Matt D., Fizban and Dingus actually did this; I had to teach too late and my parents were in town, but next's all about the foil.)

MUSIC OF THE DAY: Elastic, Joshua Redman. He's playing as great as ever, and the tunes are the best since Mood Swing, my favorite Redman CD of all time. The organ-trio format is groove-a-licious, and Brian Blade is back on drums. Cool stuff!

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