Sunday, October 26, 2003

Odds and Ends

OK, haven't done an entry in a few days so I'll catch up: Friday after teaching, played almost 3 more games of racquetball with Ben. I won the two complete games and was winning the third when the lights went out (that's one way to make sure people stop playing at closing time!). The weird thing was, I got hit by the ball twice! Once in the lower neck, once on the cheek (which sent my glasses flying across the room, an experience from which they emerged unscathed--a good thing). The neck one looked a lot like a hickey, so I could've made up a story about finally having a date, but the redness didn't last into the next day. I was laughing like crazy both times after it happened, but it seemed to screw up Ben's game (guilt?), as he only scored one point in the second game and one in the third.

After that, we went to the Owl-Themed Restaurant of Friendly Attractive Women and then I was off to Denton to catch the end of the Sinfonia chapter recital and the Black Night ceremony. There was a break between the two things, so I got to chill with some of the bro's at The Tomato, a favorite college haunt.

Yesterday I went to the Lakeview Band "Fiesta"--basically a thing where the marching band plays their show in the cafeteria while people eat, then the jazz band, a.k.a. LMOJO, did its first performance of the year also. Everyone in there with whom I'm associated had a solo, and Lee and Steven even had a feature (Duelling Dingii?). There was a mandatory burrito run after that, since I hadn't eaten anything since The Tomato the previous night.

The rest of the day was just chillin'; I missed a call from Micah for the movies while I was taking a beautiful nap, so I just chilled and enjoyed the extra hour we got last night (check below for my entry on Daylight Wasting Time). I'm about to head back to Denton to do the chapter history for the probationary members, and then the new week starts tomorrow.

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