Monday, October 20, 2003

Getting a Good "Reed" on the Subject

I can't believe I forgot to mention this long last, I got my hands on some boxes of Vandoren ZZ reeds over the weekend! I'd only been waiting for them since February, when I got some freebies at TMEA. (As a matter of fact, I liked the alto reed so much, I used it off and on for four months, until it died on me onstage at the Vermont concert. Bleh.) Anyway, I've been waiting for them to come out in general distribution, and then waiting even longer for the Brook Mays where I teach to stock 'em...finally, I got the hookup from a fraternity brother at homecoming (he works for a small store somewhere near Denton).

I got a box of alto, one of tenor and one of bari (YES! they finally make a jazz reed for bari! I almost fell over when I found out.) I haven't actually gotten to play them yet, as everyone was working on "regular" All-Region music today, but the alto will take one for a spin in big band tomorrow. At any rate, if they prove to be as consistently awesome as the demo's were, I'll only be griping about my jazz sound maybe half of the time now. Haha.

Oh yeah, and I'm playing racquetball tomorrow for the first time in...two years? Let's hope I can walk outta there under my own power. *grin*

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