Sunday, May 31, 2009


Ther sees to be a proble wth y copter eyboard. Certan letters arent typng properly. Needless to say ths s drvng e nts. gess soe of the es are wearng ot becase a noral cleanng ddnt help.

obvosly need to do soethng abot ths ay not be bloggn ch ntl then becase ths s obvosly very hard for anyone to read.

UPDATE: I had a section of my keyboard that decided to stop working. For now, I've done a work-around by using a peripheral keyboard, so I'm back in the land of the English-speaking again. If the above doesn't make sense, here's a translation: "There seems to be a problem with my computer keyboard. Certain letters aren't typing properly. Needless to say, this is driving me nuts. I guess some of the keys are wearing out, because a normal cleaning didn't help. I obviously need to do something about this; I may not be blogging much until then because this is obviously very hard for anyone to read;"

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